Top Luxury Hotels in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Enjoy a private charter flight to the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. While you’re here, stay in an exclusive five-star hotel and gain the benefits that come with a luxury stay at one of the top accommodations in and around Ukraine’s second largest city. We’ve come up with a list of luxury hotels for private luxury jet flyers based on many factors, including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Ukraine via luxury private jet, our Kharkiv Jet Charter brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Kharkiv Palace Premier Hotel
Address: 2, Pravdy Avenue, Kharkiv 61058, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 766 4400
Website: Kharkiv Palace Premier Hotel
Mirax Boutique Hotel
Address: Moskovskiy av. 86-A, Kharkiv 61001, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 763 6107
Website: Mirax Boutique Hotel
De Gaulle Boutique Hotel
Address: 17-a, Vosstaniya sq., Kharkiv 61001, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 754 5154
Website: De Gaulle Boutique Hotel
Address: ul. Sumskaya, 19, Kharkiv 61057, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 754 4061
Website: Hotel19
City Club Hotel
Address: Gagarina Ave. 145, Kharkiv 61124, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 730 1700
Website: City Club Hotel
Superior Golf & Spa Resort
Address: Kurchatova Street 1A, Kharkiv 61108, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 349 5030
Website: Superior Golf & Spa Resort

Top Attractions and Activities in Kharkiv

Founded in the 17th century, Kharkiv (commonly spelled Kharkov) is situated in Ukraine’s northeast region not far from the Russian border. Kharkiv briefly served as Ukraine’s capital in the early 20th century before relocating to Kiev, after becoming a Soviet republic. Today, Kharkiv is one of the main cultural centers in Ukraine, home to 20 museums, over 10 theaters, and a number of picture galleries and libraries for our private luxury jet clientele to explore. Kharkiv also hosts music and cinema festivals almost every year. Check out more of our recommendations for luxury private jet travelers staying in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Gorky Park (Park of Maxim Gorky)
Address: 81 Sumska Street, Kharkiv 61002, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 725 2779
Website: Gorky Park (Park of Maxim Gorky)
Kharkov Dolphinarium
Address: Sumskaya, 35, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 700 9400
Website: Kharkov Dolphinarium
Annunciation Cathedral
Address: Karl Marx Square, 1, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Website: Annunciation Cathedral
Mirror Stream Fountain
Address: Sumska St, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61000
Website: National Opera House of Ukraine
Kharkiv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Address: Sumska St, 25, Kharkiv, Харківська, Ukraine, 61000
Phone: +380 (57) 700 4049
Website: Kharkiv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Avec Fine Arts Gallery
Address: 72 Sumska Street, Kharkiv 61002, Ukraine
Phone: +380 (57) 759 9824
Website: Avec Fine Arts Gallery
Freedom Square
Address: Svobody Square, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
Website: Freedom Square
Kharkov Art Museum
Address: Radnarkomivs’ka St, 11, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, 61000
Phone: +380 (57) 706 3394
Website: Avec Fine Arts Gallery

Local Airports for Kharkiv Private Flights

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