La Tomatina | Buñol

Charter a private flight to Buñol and experience this amazing cultural oddity in all of its over-ripened and soupy glory.

Ready, aim, fire! In the distance you see a man climbing an incredibly greasy pole as a shot goes off and an armada of 50,000 tomato wielding soldiers begin pelting each other with over a hundred metric tons’ worth of red, veggie ammo. If the celebration known as La Tomatina sounds like something out of a children’s story or a weird dream you’ve had, pinch yourself, because it’s entirely real – and you can buy tickets for it.

When:      August 31st, 2016
Where:     Buñol, Valencia, Spain
Who:        Tomato-tossing food-fighters
Why:        Tradition dating back to 1945


La Tomatina is a Spanish festival that’s known the world over as the “World’s Biggest Food Fight“, and the best part is that no one has any idea why they do it. Dating back to the 1940’s, theories abound as to why the people in a small Spanish town feel compelled to throw tomatoes at each other every year. Was it a juvenile row that turned hilarious? A volley of tomatoes aimed at unfortunate politicians? Well, whoever threw that first tomato should be proud, because their legacy has snowballed into a worldwide phenomenon that thousands look forward to every year.

The scene in Buñol is a surreal one during the morning preceding the fated hour of La Tomatina. Trucks that would normally indicate construction – were they not filled to the brim with tomatoes – parade through the city, making their way to the Plaza del Pueblo. One can see men setting about the task of greasing a two story high wooden pole, and inexplicably attaching a ham to the top of it – this will make slightly more sense later. And of course, you’re completely surrounded by the thousands of other people that will be partaking in La Tomatina’s vegetable debauchery with you.

Now, there are a few rules La Tomatina festival goers must take to heart before unleashing their agricultural fury. These rules were implemented in recent years due to the festival’s drastic escalation in attendance. Rule one is that you can’t throw any hard objects that might hurt someone (duh). No ripping of other people’s T-shirts (why would you do that anyways?). Squash the tomatoes before throwing them (let’s not hurt each other). And stop throwing when you hear the second shot go off. Now, were you reading this at the festival, you would look up right about now and see men trying their best to scramble up that greasy pole we mentioned earlier. Most years, no one is able to reach the slab of deliciousness at the top to start the festival off proper, but that at least partially explains why they do it.

Then follows a generous hour of full-on vegetable war, and a full day of cleaning up the mess. The next day at La Tomatina brings a city sparkling clean from the acidity of the tomatoes, and a population gratified after having released quite a bit of steam via tomato therapy. Now, if La Tomatina sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, the best way to get in and out of the city is via luxury private jet. Jet charter Europe can organize the best flight itinerary to make your trip to Buñol as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our Valencia Jet Charter representatives have the experience necessary to ensure that your trip to Spain is the best yet. So request a quote now, or give us a call to book your luxury private flight to Buñol, Spain and enjoy this year’s La Tomatina Festival!

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