Top Luxury Hotels in Schellenberg, Liechtenstein

Schellenberg, is a small town in Liechtenstein, with only a population of a little over 1000. It provides a single four star hotel, but in addition, there is a lovely “Ma and Pop”-run guesthouse. The below list is based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Schellenberg via luxury private jet, our Schellenberg jet charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Gasthaus Krone
Address: Dorf 36, 9488 Schellenberg, Liechtenstein
Phone: +423 373-1168
Website: Gasthaus Krone
Pension Buechel
Address: Stotz 36, 9488 Schellenberg, Liechtenstein
Phone: +423 373-2391
Website: Pension Buechel

Top Attractions and Activities in Schellenberg

Travelers choosing Schellenberg as their destination to visit within Liechtenstein, may be looking for something quiet. A bit of a respite from the world is in order, and Schellenberg offers such. There are many places to go, all with a quiet atmosphere, like a barrier between you and the outside world. Here are the top attractions:

Farm Peasant's House
Address: Dorf 62, Schellenberg 9488, Liechtenstein
Phone: +423 373 44 34
Website: Farm Peasant’s House
Russian Monument
Address: Hinterschellenberg, Schellenberg, Liechtenstein
Near the border between Liechtenstein and Austria is a small memorial stone commemorating Liechtenstein for resisting the Soviet Union’s demands of extradition.
Wirtschaft zum Löwen Tavern
Address: Hinterschellenberg, Schellenberg, Liechtenstein
In case the Russian Monument is too depressing, or puts you in a bit of a dark mood on your vacation, there is a small bar nearby to pick up your spirits.
Schellenberg Ruins
Address: Dorf 49, Rathaus, 9488 Schellenberg, Liechtenstein
Phone: +423 373-1478
Built in the 13th century, the famed castle of Schellenberg is now in ruins. Visits to the castle are possible, but beware of the high altitude if you are prone to nosebleeds. There is also a hiking trail that goes past the ruins if you prefer a less intimate view.

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