Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Parga, Greece

There are many luxury five star hotel options in Parga, a town in northwestern Greece. Many of these hotels are situated near popular tourist attractions and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. Relax or take advantage of the local attractions and activities during your stay. The following list of hotel recommendations are based on location, amenities, and online reviews:

Salvator Hotel Villas & Spa
Address: Kyperi Area, 48060 Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 032910
Website: Salvator Hotel Villas & Spa
Alfa Hotel
Address: Agiou Athanasiou 51, 48060 Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 032111
Website: Alfa Hotel
Parga Beach Resort
Address: Chrisogiali Beach, 46100 Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 031410
Website: Parga Beach Resort
Hotel Sol Parga
Address: Ag. Athanasiou 1, 48060 Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 032332
Website: Hotel Sol Parga
Acrothea Hotel
Address: Agias Marinas, 48060 Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 032442
Website: Acrothea Hotel

Top Attractions in Parga, Greece

The village of Parga is one of the top travel destinations within Greece but also provides it’s own popular tourist areas within the island as well. The following list are the top tourist destinations within Parga, based on Jet Charter Greece clientele, luxury hotel options, and online reviews:

Acheron River
Address: 1Km Nekromanteio Ammoudia, Parga, Greece
The Acheron River bas a lot of mystery behind it, filled with beauty and right near the springs close to the village of Gliki. The locals make the best use out of it, hosting activities such as horse riding, canoeing, rafting, and more.
Paragaea Parga Old Olive-Oil Factory
Address: Old Olive Oil Factory, K. Tzavella 19, 48060 Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 032889
Website: Paragaea Parga Old Olive-Oil Factory
Nekromanteion Oracle of Ephyra
Address: Parga, Greece
Phone: +30 2684 041206
The history and architecture of the Nekromanteion make the trip up worthwhile. It’s quite a flight of stairs to reach the top, but once you see the impressive and ancient building, you’ll be hypnotized and forget how many steps you climbed.
Venetian Castle of Parga
Address: Parga, Greece
The Venetian Castle has an amazing view of the ocean from the top, and the landscape itself is beautiful on its own. Greek history is in every step you take when venturing through this castle, and there are many opportunities for magnificent photos.
Marco Polo
Address: Sea Front, Parga, Greece
Get your chance to ride the Marco Polo while staying in Parga, Greece. Many visitors, locals, and tourists love taking a boat trip onboard the Marco Polo due to its spacious size and the friendly crew that make the trip a lovely experience.
Pargas Distillery - Amicos Food & Bar
Address: Tourkopazaro, 48060 Parga 48060, Greece
Phone: +30 694 700 9151
The Pargas Distillery is a favourite among many visitors to Pragas. The food is fresh, the view is great, and you will most likely comeback for more.
Chaos Wooden Creations
Address: Kitsou Tzavela 8, Parga 48060, Greece
Phone: +30 2624 032617
Website: Chaos Wooden Creations
Paxos Boat Trip
Address: Parga Harbor, Parga, Greece
Many visitors and tourists to Parga love to take a boat trip to Paxos. It’s a lightly populated village nearly covered with olive groves. You can take a trip on one of many boats and the voyage alone will be worth it.
Aphrodite's Cave
Address: Lichnos Parga, 48060 Parga, Greece
The deep blue water that is ever so clear makes a swim in this cave one to remember. Most people arrive by boat to go for a little swim, take pictures, or hang out along the rocks of the cave.