Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Malia, Greece

There are many luxury five star hotel options in Malia, a coastal town in northeast Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Many of these hotels are situated near popular tourist attractions and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. Relax or take advantage of the local attractions and activities during your stay. The following list of hotel recommendations are based on location, amenities, and online reviews:

Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Beach Promenade, 70007 Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 031268
Website: Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa
Cretan Malia Park
Address: 70007 Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 031461
Website: Cretan Malia Park
Alexander Beach Hotel & Village
Address: Mallia Centre 279, 70007 Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 032134
Website: Alexander Beach Hotel & Village
High Beach Hotel
Address: Armirolakos, Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 032783
Website: High Beach Hotel
Royal Heights Resort
Address: Pezoula, 70007 Malia Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 035040
Website: Royal Heights Resort

Top Attractions in Malia, Greece

The village of Malia is one of the top travel destinations within Greece but also provides it’s own popular tourist areas within the island as well. The following list are the top tourist destinations within Malia, based on Jet Charter Greece clientele, luxury hotel options, and online reviews:

Safari Club Crete
Address: Parlama Street 22, Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 032666
Website: Safari Club Crete
The Hub Mtb Adventures - Day Tours
Address: V. Kornarou 5, 70007 Malia, Crete Greece
Phone: +30 2897 032650
Website: The Hub Mtb Adventures – Day Tours
Malia Booze Cruise
Address: 85 Dimokratias, 70007 Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 031700
Website: Malia Booze Cruise
Malia Ruins
Address: Malia, Crete, Greece
The Malia Ruins have mixed reviews, due to a lack of information on the Minoan culture at the site, but many others find it to be an interesting archaeological site that takes you back in time.
Apollon Day Cruise Malia
Address: Malia, 70007 Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 032463
Website: Apollon Day Cruise Malia
Dolphin Water Sports
Address: Sirens Beach, Malia, Crete, Greece
Phone: +30 2897 032250
Website: Dolphin Water Sports
Reflex Malia
Address: Malia, Crete, Greece
One of the highest rated bars in Malia is Reflex Malia. Nearly every visitor and tourist praises it for the entertainment, staff, and accommodations.