Top Luxury Hotels in Bayeux, France

Bayeux is in northwestern France, and the home of Bayeux tapestry. Travelers can choose from a variety of five star hotel options for luxury vacations, romantic getaways, business travel, or special events. The below list of luxury five star hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Bayeux via luxury private jet, our Bayeux charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Hotel Chateau de Bellefontaine
Address: 49 rue de Bellefontaine, 14400 Bayeux,
Phone: +33 (23) 122-0010
Website: Hotel Chateau de Bellefontaine
Villa Lara Hotel
Address: 6 Place de Québec, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-0055
Website: Villa Lara Hotel
Hotel Reine Mathilde
Address: 23 rue Larcher, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-0813
Website: Hotel Reine Mathilde
Hotel d'Argouges
Address: 21 rue Saint Patrice, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-8886
Website: Hotel d’Argouges
Hotel Churchill
Address: 14-16 Rue Saint-Jean, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 121-3180
Website: Hotel Churchill
Hotel Le Bayeux
Address: 9 Rue Tardif, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23)192-7008
Website: Hotel Le Bayeux

Top Attractions and Activities in Bayeux, France

Travelers choosing Bayeux as their destination to visit within France, will experience a mix of culture and history. Many Jet Charter Europe clientele have mentioned the Eglise Saint-Patrice de Bayeux as an attraction you must see while staying in Bayeux.

Eglise Saint-Patrice de Bayeux
Address: 18 Rue d’Eterville, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-0185
This beautiful church is at the center of town, near a produce market in Bayeux main square. It’s architecture is awe-inspiring, it’s stained glass windows are enlightening, and it doubles as a WWII Museum.
Cathedrale Notre Dame de Bayeux
Address: 4 Rue du Général de Dais, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-0185
Website: Cathedrale Notre Dame de Bayeux
Jardin Public de Bayeux
Address: 55 Route de Port en Bessi, 14400 Bayeux, France
This little oasis of peace is the perfect place to get away from the city for a bit, have a picnic, or stroll around in the open air. There is also some tame wildlife here, so if you’re an animal lover, bring some edible treats.
Bayeux Tapestry Museum
Address: 13 Rue de Nesmond, 14402 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 151-2550
Website: Bayeux Tapestry Museum
Museum of the Battle of Normandy
Address: Boulevard Fabian Ware, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 151-4690
Website: Museum of the Battle of Normandy
Musee Baron Gerard
Address: 37 rue du Bienvenu, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-1421
Website: Musee Baron Gerard
Cidrerie Viard
Address: Hameau Guéron, 14400 Guéron, France
Phone: +33 (23) 192-0915
Website: Cidrerie Viard
Atelier Galerie Ludovic Grand-Guillot
Address: 5 Rue de la Chaine, 14400 Bayeux, France
This is an art gallery in Bayeux where you can admire the works of Ludovic Grand-Guillot. You can find his portfolio at the link below.
Website: Atelier Galerie Ludovic Grand-Guillot
Impact Game
Address: Zone Artisanale Bellefontaine, 14400 Bayeux, France
Phone: +33 (23) 151-7068
Website: Impact Game