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Private Flights to Odense, Denmark

Book a private jet to Odense, the Danish city of named after Odin and the birthplace of one of Denmark’s most famous citizens. Whether booking a private flight for a luxurious getaway or to conduct business in Europe, we have access to thousands of private aircraft and can arrange the perfect aircraft and flight itinerary for your trip. Jet Charter Europe believes in providing private flyers with a one-on-one consultative service experience that exceeds every expectation. We understand that your time, privacy, flight preferences and most of all, safety, are all extremely important. Our private jet charter representatives are available for you by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When using our private aviation service, you can expect quick response times and an easy, hassle-free booking process. Request a quote or call us today and arrange your private charter flight to Odense, Denmark.

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Top Luxury Hotels in Odense, Denmark

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark, and the main city on the Danish island of Funen. The city has a lot to offer private luxury jet travelers, from fairytale origins and film festivals, to a variety of hotels and resorts for luxury getaways, business trips and special events. The following list of our top choices was created based on factors such as Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities and online reviews. Once you arrive in Denmark via luxury private jet, our Odense Jet Charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Hotel Knudsens Gaard
Address: Hunderupgade 2
Phone: +45 63 11 43 11
Website: Hotel Knudsens Gaard
Frederik VI's Hotel
Address: Rugårdsvej 590
Phone: +45 65 94 13 13
Website: Frederik VI’s Hotel
First Hotel Grand
Address: Jernbanegade 18
Phone: +45 66 11 71 71
Website: First Hotel Grand
H.C. Andersen Hotel
Address: Claus Bergs Gade 7
Phone: +45 66 14 78 00
Website: H.C. Andersen Hotel
Hotel Hesselet
Address: Christianslundsvej 119
Phone: +45 65 31 30 29
Website: Hotel Hesselet

Top Attractions and Activities in Odense

Charter a private luxury jet to Odense, the city at the very heart of Denmark, nestled on its garden island, Funen. Named after Odin, the Norse god of war, poetry and wisdom, the city dates back to pre-Viking times and offers a mix of historical landmarks and attractions.  Saint Canute’s Cathedral (Sankt Knuds Kirke) is the only example of true Gothic architecture found in Denmark, and Funen Village is an open-air museum in a reconstructed 19th century settlement. Woodlands and agricultural fields cover most of Funen, but it’s also packed with manor houses and castles, such as Egeskov Castle. Things liven up in Svendborg, Funen’s largest city outside Odensem, where the bars and cafes are popular with tourists and visiting yachts.

Hans Christian Andersen put Denmark on the map through his 19th century fairy tales, and Denmark in turn put him on the map, as your private luxury flight takes you to the city’s Hans Christian Andersen Airport. Visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, as well as his childhood home, where you can see his sketches and take a guided tour of the city. Carl Nielsen also contributed to the town’s cultural inheritance, and the Carl Nielsen Museum is dedicated to the life and work of Denmark’s most famous composer. Odense is also the official bicycle city of Denmark, and very pedestrian friendly. The Rosengårdcentret shopping center is located in the south-eastern part of the city, and is the second largest in Denmark with more than 150 shops, restaurants, a cinema and a fitness center. More shops can be found in the city center on Kongensgade, Vestergade and adjacent pedestrian streets.

Denmark’s second oldest theater, Odense Teater was established in 1796 and is one of the country’s three main theaters. The city hosts an International Film Festival every year, and it’s also home to a popular zoo, as well as museums and art galleries. Summertime offers rock and jazz festivals in July, and you can enjoy open-air Opera and flower festivals in August. Check out more of our recommendations for luxury private jet travelers staying in Odense, Denmark.

Brandts Museum of Photographic Art
Address: Brandts Torv 1
Phone: +45 65 20 70 10
Website: Brandts Museum of Photographic Art
Odense Zoo
Address: Søndre Blvd. 306,
Phone: +45 66 11 13 60
Website: http://www.odensezoo.dk/
Rosengårdcentret Mall
Address: Ørbækvej 75
Phone: +45 66 15 91 18
Website: Rosengårdcentret Mall
Funen's Art Museum
Address: Jernbanegade 13
Phone: +45 65 20 70 01
Website: Funen’s Art Museum
Hans Christian Andersen Museum
Address: Bangs Boder 29
Phone: +45 65 51 46 01
Website: Hans Christian Andersen Museum
Egeskov Castle
Address: Egeskov Gade 18
Phone: +45 62 27 10 16
Website: Egeskov Castle
St. Canute's Cathedral (Sankt Knuds Kirke)
Address: Klosterbakken 2
Phone: +45 66 12 03 92
Website: St. Canute’s Cathedral

Local Airports for Odense Private Flights

Jet Charter Europe utilizes the following airport to fly clients privately to/from Odense, Denmark and neighboring areas.

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