Sveti Vlas

Top Luxury Hotels in Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

Sveti Vlas is one of several towns in Bulgaria that are seaside resorts and provide five star hotel options for luxury vacations, business, and special events. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Sveti Vlas via luxury private jet, our Sveti Vlas jet charter service brokers can also arrange luxury ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

PrimaSol Sineva Beach
Address: PrimaSol Sineva Beach, 8256 St. Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 546-8934
Website: PrimaSol Sineva Beach
Vega Village
Address: Saint Vlas, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 546-8422
Website: Vega Village
Resort Sveti Vlas
Address: Marina Dinevi, 8256 Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (89) 445-5502
Website: Resort Sveti Vlas
Royal Bay Residence & Spa
Address: No.1 Royal Bay Street, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (89) 551-5354
Website: Royal Bay Residence & Spa
Caesar Palace
Address: Mestnost Robinzon, 8256 Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 542-1711
Website: Caesar Palace
Saint George Palace Hotel
Address: Urta area, 8256 Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 548-1030
Website: Saint George Palace Hotel

Top Attractions and Activities in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas provides few landmarks to visit, and most of its attraction comes in tours and guides. We listed a few things here, but take some time to research tours for Sveti Vlas itinerary before booking your next vacation.

Church of St. Blaise
Address: Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
This unique temple is one of the few places in Sveti Vlas, but has no shortcomings. A visit is not only rewarded with the beautiful temple itself, but also the friendly priest who converses with the tourists, and orchestrates a beautiful service.
Sveti Vlas Beach
Address: Sveti Vlas
With all the seaside resorts, its impossible to not visit Sveti Vlas Beach at some point. There are in fact three long beaches in Sveti Vlas, and a yacht port along the shore.
Museum of Motorcyles
Address: Street. Rusalka 20, 8526 Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (88) 699-1061
For all motorcycle enthusiasts, you can find models from the ages at this museum. Different models and brands go back to the vintage days of the early motorcycle before they were transformed into the models known today.
Sveti Vlas Jeep Safari
Address: Hotel Laguna Park, 8240 Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (88) 798-1761
Website: Sveti Vlas Jeep Safari

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