Top Luxury Hotels in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Sozopol is one of many resort towns in Bulgaria that provides five star hotel options for luxury vacations, business, and special events. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Sozopol via luxury private jet, our Sozopol jet charter service brokers can also arrange luxury ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Martinez ApartHotel
Address: Ul. Republikanska 39, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-4565
Website: Martinez ApartHotel
Blue Orange Beach Resort
Address: Mestnost Gerenite, местност Герените, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-0004
Website: Blue Orange Beach Resort
Hotel More
Address: 29 Stara Planina Str., 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-3457
Website: Hotel More
Top Hotel Marina Royal Palace
Address: h.v. Duni, 8133 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-2660
Website: Top Hotel Marina Royal Palace
Diamanti Hotel
Address: Morski Skali Street 8 / Valnobor Street, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-2640
Website: Diamanti Hotel
Hotel Selena
Address: Yani Popov str. 7, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-5200
Website: Hotel Selena
Hotel Coral
Address: 5 Lazuren bryag Str., 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-6266
Website: Hotel Coral
Laguna Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Place “Gerenite”, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (5) 502-0003
Website: Laguna Beach Resort & Spa
Green Life Beach Resort
Address: Kavaci, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (88) 960-7361
Website: Green Life Beach Resort

Top Attractions and Activities in Sozopol

Sozopol provides plenty of activities . Take time to plan your Sozopol itinerary before booking your next vacation.

Sozopol old town
Address: 1 Apolonia str., 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria
A large attraction for Sozopol visitors, as one of the many towns seaside, Sozopol is known for fish restaurants and bars by the sea. The old town is a beautiful place to visit, for its classic Bulgarian architecture and somewhat romantic atmosphere.
Church of The Most Holy Mother
Address: Anaksimandra St., Sozopol, Bulgaria
The church itself is small in the large scope of Bulgaria, but it is an interesting place to imagine 5000 years ago when it was first built. Peaceful, beautiful, and a nice place to rest given its garden(s).
Ravadinovo Castle
Address: Ravadinovo, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (88) 922-3053
Similar to the Disney castle in design, the Ravadinovo Castle looks like a very magical place. However, many say this is a hit-or-miss attraction, as some feel drawn to it, and get some great photo ops with the castle the gardens, and the views that come with it. Others think it lacks a definitive style and is simply a strange building in the midst of Sozopol.
Sozopol Archeological Museum
Address: 2 Han Krum str., Sozopol, Bulgaria
Capturing 5000 years of history, this museum is a fine addition to looking at the past. Right up there with the Church of The Most Holy Mother, take a step back in time and view the world how it was many ages ago.
Bulgaria Fast Ferry
Address: No. 1, Kraybrezhna Str., Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (88) 540-8001
Website: Bulgaria Fast Ferry
Dive Sozopol
Address: Yani Popov 27, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (88) 524-5526
Website: Dive Sozopol
Escape Game Challenge
Address: 8141 Ravadinovo, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (89) 403-4184
Website: Escape Game Challenge

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