Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina, there are many great hotels and inns to stay at. When flying with private jet charters, you want the best place to rest for the night after a long flight. The list below has been compiled based on the suggestions of some of our clients.

Hotel Zenica
Address: Kamberovića čikma b.b, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Phone: +387 32 209-600
Website: Hotel Zenica
Hotel Dubrovnik
Address: Školska 10, 72000 Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 32 202-700
Website: Hotel Dubrovnik
Pansion Fontana
Address: Zacarina, 72000 Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 32 462-999
Website: Pansion Fontana
Motel Almy
Address: Vrandučka bb, Poslovna zona Pečuj, 72000 Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 32 446-070
Website: Motel Almy
Motel Maric
Address: Lower Straight bb, 72230 Žepče, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Phone: +387 32 881-440
Website: Motel Maric

Top Attractions in Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina has a few things to do once you get downtown and into the heart of Zenica. This is where several religious buildings, a museum, and the local hangs outs can be found. These attractions have been suggested by our clients.

Vranduk Fortress
Address: Muhameda Seida Serdarevića bb, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Phone: +387 32 209-515
Website: Vranduk Fortress
Jewish Synagogue
Address: Jevrejska 1, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Built in a psuedo Moorish style, the Synagogue has been around for over 100 years, but has had various roles. In the 60’s, it was the permanent location for an exhibition of the now Zenica City Museum, and was only a religious building after several decades.
Mt. Smetovi
Address: Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
This mountain is beautiful and becomes the center of recreational activities all year-round. Hike during the summer, ski and snowboard during the winter, and enjoy the view whenever.
City Museum and Art Gallery
Address: Muhameda Seida Serdarevica bb, 72000 Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Opened only several years ago, this building is made up of three floors of exhibitions. It’s also integrated a new concept, making it interactive with the public, and holding various workshops throughout the year.
Stara čaršija
Address: Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
If you’re looking to have a little sit down or grab a bite to eat, this is the place. The area is filled with cafes and restaurants, and is all-around a quaint place to spend some time or walk around.

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