Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina, there are many great hotels and inns to stay at. When flying with private jet charters, you want the best place to rest for the night after a long flight. The list below has been compiled based on the suggestions of some of our clients.

Hotel Kostelski Buk
Address: Kostela bb, 77000 Bihać, Bosna & Hercegovina
Phone: +387 37 302-340
Website: Hotel Kostelski Buk
Hotel Emporium
Address: Dr. Irfana Ljubijankića 90, 77000 Bihać, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Phone: +387 37 316-600
Website: Hotel Emporium
Hotel Opal Exclusive
Address: Krupska bb, 77000 Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Phone: +387 37 224-183
Website: Hotel Opal Exclusive
Villa Una
Address: Bihaćkih branilaca 20, 77200 Bihać, Bosna & Hercegovina
Phone: +387 37 311-393
Website: Villa Una
Hotel Aduna
Address: Put v Korpusa, 77000 Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Phone: +387 37 318-100
Website: Hotel Aduna

Top Attractions in Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Many of the atractions in Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina, revolve around the river and other bodies of water. However, there are a few places to stop by. These attractions have been suggested by our clients.

Captain's Tower
Address: Bihać, Bosnia & Hercegovina
One of Bihać’s oldest buildings, built in the 13th century. A wall is said to have encircled the town, and the tower intersected with it. The tower currently houses a museum, but was once a prison.
Ottoman turbe
Address: Bihać, Bosnia & Herzcegovina
Miniature Islamic style mausoleums, these stones are built from a stone found in Bihac, known as Bihacit. There are three of these in Bihac, at the south end of Gazi-Husrev begova street.
Fethija Mosque
Address: Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This is a very old mosque, however many only stop by if it’s on the way. It is an old monastery that was turned into a mosque, and the reviews are conflicting on visiting.
Una river
Address: Bihac, Bosnia & Herzcegovina
Splitting Bihac into two, the bank of Una River makes for a nice walk and or picnic in the park.
Una National Park
Address: Bosanska 1, 77000 Bihać, Bosna i Hercegovina
Phone: +387 37 221-528
Website: Una National Park
Una RC Kiro Rafting
Address: Golubic bb, 77000 Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 37 361-110
Website: Una RC Kiro Rafting
Una Aqua Rafting Tours
Address: Račić bb, 77000 Bihać, Bosna & Hercegovina
Phone: +387 61 604-313
Website: Una Aqua Rafting Tours
Una Aquarius Extreme Adventure Sports Agency
Address: Loskun bb, 77000 Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Phone: +387 61 924-624
Website: Una Aquarius Extreme Adventure Sports Agency
Discover Bihac
Website: Discover Bihac

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