Top Luxury Hotels in Vitebsk, Belarus

Vitebsk, a city in Belarus, provides five star hotel options for luxury vacations, getaways, or business travel. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Vitebsk via luxury private jet, our Vitebsk jet charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Luchesa Hotel
Address: Avenue Stroiteley 1, Vitebsk 210027, Belarus
Phone: +375 (21) 229-8500
Website: Luchesa Hotel
Hotel Eridan
Address: 21/17 Sovetskaya Street, Vitebsk, Belarus
Phone: + 375 (21) 260-4499
Website: Hotel Eridan
Vitebsk Hotel
Address: Zamkovaya Street 5/2а, Vitebsk 210026, Belarus
Phone: +375 (21) 235-9166
Website: Vitebsk Hotel
Gubernsky Hotel
Address: Komsomolskaya 11/5, Vitebsk, Belarus
Phone: +375 (21) 237-0144
Website: Gubernsky Hotel

Top Attractions and Activities in Vitebsk

Travelers choosing Vitebsk as their destination to visit within Belarus, will experience a variety of Vitebsk museums, historic sites, parks, and monuments. Many Jet Charter Europe clientele have enjoyed a variety of sight-seeing, entertainment, and leisurely activity while staying in Vitebsk.

Game-Quest Secret Rooms
Address: Street Lenin 72, Vitebsk, Belarus
Phone: +375 (29) 596-0848
Website: Game-Quest Secret Rooms
Uspensky Cathedral
Address: Krilova Street 9, Uspenskaya Square, Vitebsk, Belarus
The Uspensky Cathedral is without a doubt a beauty to see, far away or up close. It looks like a small mansion, and many tourists and visitors find themselves spending quite some time here.
Memorial Complex Three Bayonets
Address: Victory Square, Vitebsk, Belarus
The Three Bayonets is a monument raised in memorial of those lost during World War II.
City Hall (Ratusha)
Address: Lenina Street 36, Vitebsk, Belarus
The City Hall of Vitebsk is a nice, three-floor museum that has earned a spot on our list of attractions. The three floors are: ancient history, archaeology, and nature. Many say it’s worth the tour and the price.
Holy Resurrection Church
Address: Suvorova Street 2, Vitebsk, Belarus
Restored in 2009, the Holy Resurrection Church is very beautiful, on the outside and inside. If you need to sit down or would like to take it all in, the seats are comfortable, and it’s possible to light a candle for a prayer inside.
Marc Chagall Home
Address: Putna Street 2, Vitebsk 210026, Belarus
Phone: +375 (21) 236-3468
Website: Marc Chagall Home
Monument to Monarch Algirdas
Address: Market Square, Vitebsk, Belarus
This monument is heralded by many, locals and visitors, as a very majestic and elegant piece of artwork.
Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk
Address: Frunze pr. 13a, Vitebsk, Belarus
A festival held in an amphitheater in Vitebsk used to typically host events. Even if you aren’t around during the Bazaar, the amphitheater is very interesting in design, almost like a football stadium or open-air concert hall.

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