Top Luxury Hotels in Mogilev, Belarus

Mogilev, a city in Belarus, provides five star hotel options for luxury vacations, getaways, or business travel. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Mogilev via luxury private jet, our Mogilev jet charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Hotel Mogilev
Address: Prospect Mira 6, Mogilev 212030, Belarus
Phone: +375 (22) 246-8138
Website: Hotel Mogilev
Gubernskaya Hotel
Address: Leninskaya Street 56/6, Mogilev 212030, Belarus
Phone: +375 (22) 222-2619
Website: Gubernskaya Hotel
Tourist Hotel
Address: Pushkin Avenue 6, Mogilev 212002, Belarus
Phone: +375 (22) 246-4675
Website: Tourist Hotel
Slavyanskaya Hotel
Address: Street Chelyuskintsev 178, Mogilev, Belarus
Phone: +375 (22) 222-5495
Website: Slavyanskaya Hotel

Top Attractions and Activities in Mogilev

Travelers choosing Mogilev as their destination to visit within Belarus, will experience a variety of Mogilev museums, historic sites, parks, and monuments. Many Jet Charter Europe clientele have enjoyed a variety of sight-seeing, entertainment, and leisurely activity while staying in Mogilev.

Belarusian Heritage Village 19th century
Address: Village Buynichi, Mogilev, Belarus
Website: Belarusian Heritage Village 19th century
Mogilev City Hall
Address: Leninskaya Street 1A, Mogilev, Belarus
Inside the Mogilev city hall is a museum with multiple exhibits on the town’s history. You can also get a good look at the clockwork inside the tower while touring the interior of city hall.
Star Square
Address: Leninskaya Street, Mogilev, Belarus
The Star Square is a fun little place in town where there are 12 chairs for each zodiac sign, with a star dedicated to the citizens of the city, and the “Astrologer” sitting in the center. It’s said to be lucky if you sit down in the chair of your zodiac and walk full circle back to your chair.
Nikolsky Women's Monastery
Address: T. Surty Street 19, Mogilev, Belarus
This monastery is a nice place to visit during the early mornings when it is less crowded. There is some history to read about the Monastery which may give visitors a little more appreciation for it.
Memorial Complex Buynichskoe Field
Address: Mogilev, Belarus
The grounds here are known for when they were once a battlefield during World War II. There are several rocks with implanted memorials to people who fell during battle, a trench, and some old artillery.
Mogilev Drama Theater
Address: Pervomayskaya 7, Mogilev 212030, Belarus
Phone: +375 (22) 231-0045
Website: Mogilev Drama Theater
Three Hierarchs Cathedral
Address: Pervomayskaya Street 75, Mogilev, Belarus
Although built in the early 1900s, the design of this cathedral was very different. Meant to be in the shape of a cross when looking at it from above, it has several domes and two towers. The smaller tower is surrounded by three extensions, each dedicated to one of three saints.
Museum of Ethnography
Address: Pervomayskaya Street 8, Mogilev, Belarus
Phone: +375 (22) 222-0192
If you wish to learn more about Belarusian history and life, then this museum is the perfect choice. Be sure to ask a guide for a tour to get the story through the eyes of a local.

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