Top Luxury Hotels in Grodno, Belarus

Grodno, a city in Belarus, provides great hotel options for luxury vacations, getaways, or business travel. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Grodno via luxury private jet, our Grodno jet charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Kronon Park Hotel
Address: Urochische Pyshki, Grodno 230030, Belarus
Phone: + 375 (15) 273-9800
Website: Kronon Park Hotel
Hotel Semashko
Address: Antonov Street 10, Grodno, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 275-0299
Website: Hotel Semashko
Address: Stefan Batory Street 8, Grodno, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 279-1700
Website: Neman
Hotel Slavia
Address: Molodeznaya Street 1, Grodno, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 277-3535
Website: Hotel Slavia

Top Attractions and Activities in Grodno

Travelers choosing Grodno as their destination to visit within Belarus, will experience a variety of museums, historic sites, parks, and monuments. Many Jet Charter Europe clientele have enjoyed a variety of sight-seeing, entertainment, and leisurely activity while staying in Grodno.

Kalozha Church
Address: Kolozha 8 Street, Grodno 230029, Belarus
Website: Kalozha Church
Great Choral Synagogue
Address: st. Most Holy Trinity, 59A, Grodno 230023, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 274-3270
Website: Great Choral Synagogue
The Jesuit Catholic Church
Address: Sovetskaya Square, Grodno, Belarus
The architecture of this church is truly an outstanding piece of work to see when visiting Grodno, Belarus. Inside, the atmosphere is very tranquil.
Pharmacy Museum
Address: Sq. Soviet 4, Grodno 230023, Belarus
Phone: +375 (29) 388-8101
Website: Pharmacy Museum
Grodno Zoo
Address: ul. Timiryazev 11, Grodno 230023, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 277-2838
Website: Grodno Zoo
Zhiliber's Park
Address: 1st of May St., Grodno, Belarus
This is a very family-friendly park with some attractions. Mainly it’s a nice place to relax and enjoy one’s surroundings.
Grodno Regional Drama Theater
Address: Mostovaya St. 35, Grodno 230025, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 272-3427
Website: Grodno Regional Drama Theater
Grodna Regional Puppet Theatre
Address: Dzerzhinskogo st. 1/1, Grodno 2300023, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 277-0280
Website: Grodna Regional Puppet Theatre
Museum of the History of Religion
Address: Zamkovaya St. 16, Grodno, Belarus
Phone: +375 (15) 274-2513
It’s always an interesting experience when dealing with someone else’s culture. The History of Religion Museum lets you explore multiple cultures and religions in a single day. Often, there are exhibits of rare and unique concepts/entities.
The Franciscan Monastery and Church
Address: Ogorodnaya Str. 2, Grodno, Belarus
This church is beautifully decorated inside with sculptures and stucco. The outside has some interesting design and architecture, but it doesn’t compare with the wonderful sights inside.

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