Top Luxury Hotels in Goris, Armenia

Goris provides four and five star hotel options for luxury vacations, business travel, and special events. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Goris via luxury private jet, our Goris jet charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

MIRA Hotel
Address: Ankakhutyan Street 24/3, Goris, Armenia
Phone: +374 (28) 424 880
Website: MIRA Hotel
Khachik B&B
Address: 13 Davit-Bek Street, Goris 3201, Syunik, Armenia
Phone: +374 (28) 421 098
Website: Khachik B&B
Christy Hotel
Address: Mashtots 9, Goris, Armenia
Phone: +374 (77) 000 047
Website: Christy Hotel
Hotel Vivas
Address: Syunik 65, Syunik Marz, Goris, Armenia
Phone: +374 (28) 424 812
Website: Hotel Vivas
Zanger Hotel
Address: Bakunci 13, Goris 3201, Armenia
Phone: +374 (98) 778 977
Website: Zanger Hotel

Top Attractions and Activities in Goris

Travelers choosing Goris as their destination to visit within Armenia, will experience cultural history, architecture, mountains, religious sites, history museums, and local landmarks. There are plenty of choices for daily activities to maximize your visit.

Goris Crochet
Address: 7/14 Ankakhutyan Street, Goris, Syunik, Armenia
Phone: +374 (28) 430 054
Website: Goris Crochet
The Stone Forest
Address: Goris, Armenia
Completely made up of natural causes, bizarre formations of rock have risen up from the ground. Filled with forests and rocky mountain slopes give the landscape an unforgettable look.
The Oldest Stonehedge in Carahunj
Address: Goris, Armenia
This prehistoric observatory site was built more than 7500 years ago, 3500 years older than the one in England.
Shaqi Waterfall
Address: Goris, Armenia
Take a stroll through the mountains to find this beautiful, hidden waterfall.
Tatev Church
Address: Goris, Armenia
Similar to the monasteries one would find in Tibet, high atop a mountain plateau is a very interesting monastery. With a simple cable car ride, you can explore some very impressive architecture.
Old Goris Dwellings
Address: Goris, Armenia
Find yourself in the center of nature if you visit the Old Goris Dwellings. Here you will find two-story stone houses, large mountains, and deep canyons and gorges that make up the surrounding landscape. The view is so beautiful, you may feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

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