Top Luxury Hotels in Canillo, Andorra

Canillo is a popular tourist destinations in Andorra. Travelers can choose from a variety of five star hotel options for luxury vacations, business travel, or special events. The below list of luxury five star hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Andorra via luxury private jet, our Canillo charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice, to make your travels hassle-free.

Hotel Obaga Blanca
Address: Carretera del Forn, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 751-200
Website: Hotel Obaga Blanca
Hotel Font d'Argent Canillo
Address: Avinguda Sant Joan de Caselles, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: ++376 753-753
Website: Hotel Font d’Argent Canillo
Ski Plaza Hotel
Address: Ctra. General, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 739-444
Website: Ski Plaza Hotel
Hotel Magic Canillo
Address: Carretera del Forn, Urbanització Riba Grossa, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 876-700
Website: Hotel Magic Canillo
Hotel L'Ermita
Address: Mertixell, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 751-050
Website: Hotel L’Ermita
Aparthotel Els Meners
Address: Ctra. General, Canillo AD100, Andorra
Phone: +376 751-454
Website: Aparthotel Els Meners

Local Attractions and Activities in Canillo

Travelers choosing Canillo as their destination to visit within Andorra, will experience cultural history, architecture, lush parks, religious sites, and historic landmarks. There are several natural sites to check out while you’re there as well for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sant Joan de Caselles
Address: Ctra. General 2, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Built in the eleventh century, the church of Sant Joan is a very nice piece of cultural heritage and architecture to visit wehn in Canillo.
Motorcycle Museum
Address: Ctra. general de Canillo, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 853-444
Website: Motorcycle Museum
Ice Palace of Andorra
Address: Crta General, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 800-840
Website: Ice Palace of Andorra
Santuario de Meritxell
Address: Ctra. General, Meritxell, AD100 Canillo, Andorra
Phone: +376 851-253
Website: Santuario de Meritxell
Camino del Toll Bullidor
Address: Meritxell, Canillo, Andorra
The Camino del Toll Bullidor is a wonderful spectacle of nature. You can take a walk along the river for great views of a waterfall.
Sant Serni de Canillo
Address: Plaza de Sant Serni, Canillo AD100, Andorra
Built in the 17th century, the church of Saint Serni is a lovely place to visit. Plus, the mountains in the background make for great scenery.
Canal de la Mora Via Ferrata and Roc del Quer Via Ferrata
Address: Coll d’Ordino, Canillo, Andorra
Ferratas are usually very athletic tracks, usually involving rock climbing and metal fences. It’s a great time for a thrill seeker.
Riu d'Urina Waterfall Climbing Wall
Address: Canillo Road, Canillo AD100, Andorra
For an extreme experience that will also take your breath away in more ways than one, you should check out the Riu d’Urina Waterfall Climbing Wall Tour. The area has 12 different routes to climb, are well equipped, and will give you the chance to rock climb up to a waterfall.

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