Top Luxury Hotels in Shkoder, Albania

Shkoder provides four and five star hotel options for luxury vacations or business travel. The below list of luxury hotels are based on many factors including Jet Charter Europe passenger feedback, location, amenities, and online reviews. Once arriving into Shkoder via luxury private jet, our Shkoder jet charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Hotel Valz
Address: Velipojë Center Street #9, Shkodër, Albania
Phone: +355 22 210 004
Website: Hotel Valz
Hotel Tradita Geg & Tosk
Address: Rruga Edith Durham 4, Shkodër, Albanië
Phone: +355 22 240 537
Website: Hotel Tradita Geg & Tosk
Hotel Colosseo
Address: Street Kole, Idromeno, Shkodër, Albanië
Phone: +355 22 247 513
Website: Hotel Colosseo
Grand Hotel Europa
Address: Sheshi 2 Prilli, Shkodër, Albania
Phone: +355 22 241 211
Website: Grand Hotel Europa
Kompleksi Arifi Hotel
Address: L. Liria, Blv. Zogu I, Shkodër, Albanië
Phone: +355 22 801 097
Website: Kompleksi Arifi Hotel

Top Attractions and Activities in Shkoder

Travelers choosing Shkoder as their destination to visit within Albania, will experience cultural history, architecture, lush parks, religious sites, and historic landmarks.

Rozafa Castle
Address: Shkodër, Albanië
More than 2500 years old, the Rozafa Castle was once utilized as a Fortress during times of war. It has since then been turned into a tourist attraction with a museum and the ruins of a castle, an old church, and a mosque, all with a view of the city, rivers, and the ocean.
Shkodra Lake
Address: Shiroka, Shkodër, Albanië
On the border of Albania, the largest lake in the Balkan peninsula is Shkodra Lake. The lake shares the borders of Montenegro, is connected to two rivers, and has a great view of the mountainside. Small islands can also be found around the lake.
Venice Art Mask Factory
Address: Lin Delia, Shkodër 4002, Albanië
Phone: +355 68 204-7291
Website: Venice Art Mask Factory
Although native to Venice, there is an art showroom of the popular Venetian masks, in Shkodër, Albanië. Moreover, you can tour the workshop to see how the masks are made, and may be able to purchase one.
Ebu Bekr Mosque
Address: Rruga Fushe Cele 1, Shkodër, Albanië
In Shkodër, Albanië, there is a historical mosque known for its scholarly learning of the city, and its high attraction to Islamic scholars.
Festung Rozafa
Address: Rozafa, Shkodër, Albanië
A ruined castle overlooking Lake Skadar; at the top, you can get a fantastic view of the countryside, but be sure to go during the day and bring plenty of water.
St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral (Shkoder Cathedral)
Address: Shkodër, Albanië
One of the largest Cathedrals in Albania is the Shkoder Cathedral. It is a great example of neo-classical architecture, and is a popular destination for many tourists.
Shkoder Historical Museum
Address: Shkodër, Albanië
In the center of the city is the Shkoder Historical Museum. It’s very informative on the history of Albanian life, and has several exhibits on Illyrian treasures.
Brucke von Mes
Address: Nahe Shkodra, Shkodër, Albanië
A beautiful bridge in Shkodër, Albanië that offers a fantastic view of its surroundings and the town.
Museum of Memory
Address: Shkodër, Albanië
Website: Museum of Memory
Al-Zamil Mosque
Address: Shkodër, Albanië
This is more of a historic landmark versus an attraction, but it’s worth a visit nonetheless. It’s set in a garden in the center of the city; sadly, most tourists have only found the Mosque locked up.

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