Carnival of Venice

Who is behind the mask? Better yet, who will YOU become while behind the mask? Book your flight now to wander the canals of Venice while concealed behind a Bauta, Moretta, or Volto during the Carnevale di Venezia!

The celebration transports you to an age of opulence, beginning January 23 and running through February 9, 2016. Our team can arrange for your private flight to land at Venice Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ / VCE), and we can also arrange transportation to one of the city’s premier five-star hotels, such as the Gritti Palace, San Clemente Palace or Hotel Danieli.

Carnival of Venice

The masks worn during the festival allow people from every class of society to party together under the veil of anonymity, and Italian masquerade includes several types of masks. Experiencing the Carnival without one defeats the purpose, so if you’re arriving without one, head over to Cà Macana, the most famous mask shop in Venice, where you can create your own alter-ego for the festival!

One of the most recognized festivals in Italy, the original Carnival took place in 1162, and the festival grew wildly popular until the 18th century, when Venice became know as the pleasure capital of Europe, producing the likes of Casanova while they were at it. Then Napoleon came around, and squashed the party for nearly 200 years. The Carnival returned to Venice in 1979, enchanting visitors from around the world with decadent parties, street theater, live music and elegant, ultra-exclusive Masquerades. Don’t miss out on your chance to dance the night away along the Venetian waterways!

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